Object Tracking in Videos

Object tracking in videos using Mean Shift Algorithm

Emotion Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

End-to-End pipeline for face detection and emotion recognition using CNNs. Classes: Happy, Sad, Neutral

Image Segmentation using K-Means

Binary image segmentation using K-Means and Region Growing algorithms

Food Receipe Recommendation Engine

Simple web-app to recommend food recipes using Vector Space Model. Click on the plane icon to test it out.

SIFT Keypoint Detection

Standalone Scale Invariant Feature Transform implementation of Lowe's paper: "Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints"

Face Recognition using PCA

16 Subject facial recognition algorithm using the Principal Component Analysis

Graph Cut 3D Image Segmentation

Thigh Muscle volumetric segmentation

3D Image Registration

Spatial Alignment of lung CT scans.

Real-Time Face Detection on Android

OpenCV based face detection Android application

Transit Time Forecast using Machine Learning

A sysetm developed to provide real time transit time information to commuters using Machine Learning

Real-Time Eye Tracking for Camera Control

Arduino based, IR tracking of human eye to control devices placed in a remote location

Real-Time Series Forecast of Water Levels

DTI Tractography for Neurosurgery

Reconstruction of the corticospinal tract trajectory on diffusion data from patients presenting with a tumor in or near the motor system.